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  • 1987

    Beginning of Journey

    One man(Ramanbhai) with a vision to set a new benchmark in the field of cattlefeed brokerage established Dalal RB & Company at Mehsana (Gujarat). Though having a tough competition from the very first day, he never forgot the morals of the business.


Maize Cake

Maize Cake is produced by crushing high-quality Maize, Maize cake contains high oil content due to which the milk production increases. 

Maize Churi

Maize churi is extracted from maize while processing and comes with 4-5% oil content which is very beneficial for animal diet.

Cotton Seed Oil Cake

Cotton seed oil cake is majorly used as cattle feed since it has around 25% protein content in it.


Pellet can be prepared from oil cakes, agro-residues such as peanut seedling, grass,  grain, wheat bran, etc. It contains protein, minerals and other nutrients which are useful for animals.

Isabgul Gola

Isabgul Gola is good source of protein and energy. Isabgol gola contain about 18-20% CP. It can be used up to 25% and 50% level, respectively in concentrate mixture for cattle.

Gaur Churi

Guar churi is a bi-meal product obtained after processing of guar seeds. The processed guar churi is usually rich in proteins and carbohydrates and thus forms a good high protein food.

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